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I've been trying to list ALL my quilts and realise I don't know who owns some of them!

I'd love to know if you own one of my quilts, or if you know someone who does!

Contact me . . .

From time-to-time people ask me interesting questions.  Sometimes I know the answer, and sometimes I work out an answer! Maybe I can help you . . .

              for some Helpful Hints

(Hint #1 was about how I print my labels)

Good quilters label their quilts. My earliest quilts just had/have a little Cash’s label saying: “A Sew’n’Sew by Judith Wilson”

These days my labels are all based on a sketch of our 17th century home . . .

Our cottage is small (and cosy)and my stash fills the little bedroom.

However, quilting needs space so my husband Ray ‘cut a hole’ in our dining table and I can now have a 3 foot by 5 foot, or more, quilting table!  

                         to read all about it.

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